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Mach Parat #9: How Times Have Changed - Side B

21.11.06, 14:00:00 by iGadget

How Times Have Changed... Site B

My, how the times have changed today. I don't feel that vibe anymore, unlike when Hiphop and Rap came up. Where has all the funkiness and soul in the music gone?! Do you feel it the same?

Well, you don't need to worry again!

Rare Grooves, Funky Tracks and Jazzy Breaks combined with their sampling Hiphop Tracks together to a unique mix. Find out where rappers & DJ's digged their samples and what they inpired.
Pure pleasure for your ear drums.

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Side B:

Intro "Das zweite Gadget!"

The O'Jays - "Give The People What They Want" (Bb)

Kartoon Krew - "Inspector Gadget" (Voc,Kb)

Sly & The Family Stone - "Hot Fun In The Summertime" (Voc,Kb)

Minnie Ripperton - "Adventures In Dope Beats" (iGadget Dopemix)

The Rebirth - "Evil Vibrations"

The O'Jays - "For The Love Of Money"

Eins, Zwo - "Es Ist Nicht So Wie Du Denkst"

Sergio Mendes - "What Is This"

Kelis - "Milkshake" (Voc)

Mary Jane Girls - "All Night Long"

Big Daddy Kane - "Smooth Operator"

The Honey Drippers - "Impeach The President" (Bs)

Erykah Badu - "All Night Long" (Live)

LL Cool J - "Around The Way Girl"

Immo - "Mach Parat" (Shout)

Lee Mason - "Shady Blues"

Lootpack - "Answers"

Pace One - "I Declare War"

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